Gillian R. Canberra ACT - Treasures of the Balkans Tour, June 2013

Hi Judy,
I want to thank you for a fantastic Balkans tour holiday.
My first trip with Girls on Tour – talk about starting at the top!

I hadn’t done a group tour since Uni days and I‘d never gone on a holiday with people I hadn’t met!

I have just got back from your small group, personally escorted women’s only Girls On Tour Balkans trip; what a delight it was spending three weeks with the nicest group of women you could find anywhere, and it didn’t take me long to realise that your organising and co-ordination was of the highest level along with your friendliness and composure.

The local guides you arranged were truly exceptional. The captivating Tamara and Ivana became friends after a short time, and as well as giving us information on the history and sights, they unselfishly provided a personal perspective on their families and their lives in the Balkans which added an unanticipated understanding and dimension to our trip.

What a secret gem the Balkans turned out to be for me. 

I was expecting to see some Roman ruins, but not one of the six best preserved amphitheatres in the world at Pula (along with Italy, France and Tunisia).

I was expecting to see some waterfalls, but not 16 majestic interlinked lakes, creating constantly flowing crystal clear aqua waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park 

I didn’t realise I would see the longest preserved fortified wall in Europe at Ston (the world’s second longest after the Great Wall of China)

I had been told that Dubrovnik was beautiful, but I wasn’t expecting that it would be so welcoming and surrounded by sparkling water and constantly moving sea craft of every description.

I didn’t know I would be able to see a 500 year old Arboretum, containing Renaissance gardens and examples of Jacaranda and Eucalypt collected from around the world.

I had been told the Adriatic Sea was lovely – but didn‘t realise how much I would enjoy a refreshing swim in the cleanest water I have ever seen anywhere.
I didn’t know I would experience what a fresh locally grown apricot is supposed to taste like

I didn’t know the Croatian people would be so welcoming and generous and hospitable – what a treat.

I had a truly magical trip with Girls On Tour. Thanks so much Judy.

Gillian R. Canberra ACT - Treasures of the Balkans Tour, June 2013