Julie G, NSW - Antarctica & Galapagos 2014

A trip of a lifetime to our last remote wilderness areas!  Pictures are magnificent but cannot capture the sereneness of the Antarctica. The quietness, the magic, the unexpected, all the elements displayed in their glory and the incredible wildlife!  On a small expedition ship we were able to enjoy this to the maximum, without feeling that our experience was encroached upon. We felt like and indeed we were, at the bottom of the earth!
The Galapagos trip was another must. Despite more visible tourists doing the same thing, the strict rules of the marine authorities, made it our own unique experience. Colours magnificent, animals extraordinary, vistas unbelievable!  Why wouldn't you want to experience this?
What's more to have the trip all organised and able to share the remarkable experience, with a group of like-minded travellers, was great. 

Julie G, NSW - Antarctica & Galapagos 2014