Lisa Palethorpe, Manly QLD - Antarctica, Galapagos and a taste of South America 2017

"I'm a 47 year old professional who between family, work and study doesn't have time to scratch. I desperately needed a good vacation and wanted to tick off my two top bucket list items, going to Antarctica and Galapagos. After strong recommendations I booked with Girls On Tour (GOT), and I wasn’t disappointed. This  adventure exceeded all expectation!   There are no words to describe the beauty and uniqueness of Antarctica and how humble one becomes when they become part of this pristine and untouched environment. However, a trip like this is complex and I imagine organised by the wrong hands could have easily been a disaster. I would like to applaud Judy from Girls On Tour for the quality and professionalism of this trip. Before our adventure Judy briefed us about all sorts of things to help us prepare: details of the trip, packing suggestions, when sales of certain equipment was occurring. I felt thoroughly organised before I left for this trip and I was prepared completely for all the adventures I undertook. During the trip, due to Judy's methodical planning, all boxes were ticked. Every small detail was covered, even including laminated currency conversion cards to keep in our wallet, chocolates for Valentines day and of course our pink GOT fleece that everybody wanted! The participants of this tour included like-minded woman of all ages, adventurous, determined and all looking for a good laugh and a great experience. I have made life-long friends on this trip and have memories that will never fade. Judy is great fun! She is caring, encouraging, and knows her stuff. For anyone considering doing a tour with GOT, every detail will be covered and it will be trip of a life time.  But remember…. with any trip, it will be your responsibility to ensure you bring the right mindset and are fit and ready to have an absolutely awesome time! "  Lisa Palethorpe, Manly Qld.