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"Karnak Temple - Luxor"

"The Great Pyramid of Cheops"

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"I wholeheartedly agree with Maureen's sentiments. Judy and Alessandra, in their respective roles, went above and beyond what anyone would expect, to create a wonderful experience for everyone on the Tour. As a nervous, first time Euro traveller, I could not have asked for a more special Italian adventure, in every sense of the word. Even when things may not have gone to plan, Judy's professionalism made it always appear seamless. Our tour was made up of a wonderful, fun group of women. The Italian / Sicilian itinerary was amazing. It's those little extras that make the world of difference. For me, Judy's expertise and passion for what she does is inspiring and reassuring. I recommend Girls on Tour for any woman who is travelling solo. A huge thank you for everything, Judy - I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you and the Girls!"

Ciao, Ciao :-)

Chris J, Sydney NSW – Italy and Sicily 2010.

I have just returned from my second trip with "Girls on Tour". My first trip was to Egypt with Judy and I was very naughty and did not write a recommendation on this, but of course my friend Jill and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience so much in fact we almost immediately booked on the Turkey/Greece trip.

JILL and I paid our deposit and then sat back and relaxed from thereon in as from our first experience knew that everything would be taken care of (even with the Iceland volcano happening). In fact, one of our fellow travellers said it should be called "Hassle Free Tours”.

Turkey was totally different to what we expected and with Judy and the local guide, Bitsy, we enjoyed it all immensely. We attended the very moving Anzac Day Dawn Service at the beginning of the tour and that set the scene for the rest of our trip.

Greece was as expected, and even with all the strikes and riots happening we sailed through all our destinations and enjoyed every moment.

Travel and accommodation were excellent and all hotels were central and in interesting districts.

Of course I cannot forward this without a special mention regarding our Tour Leader, Judy. She is such a caring, fun person and does not miss a trick - at the Anzac Service, we were presented with a beautifully presented parcel of Anzac Biscuits (home made) and of course being away on Mothers Day, on our Mothers Day breakfast all were given a gift and card. It's the special attention that we all receive that makes "Girls on Tour" trips so great and I recommend travelling this way to all ladies of any age.

Jill and I are now pondering which trip we should do next.

TRAVEL TIP - buy up big at a 2nd hand clothes shop (Lifeline etc) and discard clothes as you go so that you can fit all the new purchases in your luggage to try to keep under the limit.

Nola G, Hollywell GOLD COAST - Turkey & Greece 2010

This was an extremely well organised escorted tour from the time of booking untill it ended. Judy is an exceptional escort, one of the best, and I have been on several escorted small group tours. Judy left no stone unturned when it came to making the tour enjoyable and stress free for her “girls”. Her previous contacts, interest and knowledge of Egypt, personal touches and outgoing personality made the tour immensely enjoyable for all of us 7 “girls”. Judy and our wonderful Egyptian guide Hossam, got along very well which is most important. I do not hesitate to recommend travelling with “Girls on Tour”.
Loma T. – Egypt 09

“My opinion of the Tour? I thought it was terrific and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of it. I thought you made a great tour leader - you were great fun and caring but also very organised and, we the tourists, sailed through without a worry in the world. All transfers etc were achieved seamlessly and with a minimum of fuss. I thought we were very lucky with the make up of the party. All the ladies being good natured and considerate of each other and always up for a laugh….. I must say once again how much I enjoyed the whole trip and wouldn't have missed a minute of it. I also appreciated how much work you must have put in to make the whole journey run so smoothly. … I would not hesitate to travel with you again and would certainly recommend "Girls on Tour" to my friends. Lastly the DVD is great."
Margaret E. - Vietnam 08

“This was my first trip with "Girls on Tour" and hopefully not the last!! A well planned tour with plenty of time to do as much or as little as you want. Turkey was a fascinating country with so much more to offer than I imagined and of course the Greek Islands were beautiful, especially Santorini, which we all enjoyed, so thank you ladies for a great trip with great company and plenty of laughs!!

And of course a BIG THANK YOU to our tour guide Judy who made it such a memorable trip for me. I had waited many years to visit Gallipoli on Anzac Day, so to finally achieve that dream and attend both the Dawn and Australian services (and enjoy homemade Anzac biscuits) and then go back the next day and visit the many cemeteries and memorials, is truly a memory I will never forget!!! ”

Karen L, Sunshine, VIC - Turkey and Greece 2010

“Thanks Judy for a great trip. You certainly made it easy for us with your excellent organizing skills. We had lots of laughs and fun, great hotels (wish my house was as nice) and a fabulous history lesson as well. Your knowledge of the places that we visited was exceptional and the fact that you bothered to learn some Arabic shows that you are really dedicated to your new profession. The tour was a good mix of GO.GO.GO.and RELAX RELAX. You are a fun person to be with and I hope all the rest of your tours are as successful as this one. I will certainly be looking to see what other tours you do and be first in line to book when you do one that interests me.”
Coral P. - Egypt 07

Coral’s travel tip – After you have packed your port with all your nice new clothes etc., throw in your most comfortable OLD shoes and daggy clothes…. Because these are the first things that you will pull out of your suitcase to wear.

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"Sunset On The Nile"

Photo: Venice Canals

"Venice Canals"

"Tomb of Tutankhamen
- The Valley of the Kings"

Photo: Rice Paddys - Halong Bay

"Rice Paddys
- Halong Bay"

"Temple of Ramesses II
- Abu Simbel"

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